is a type of garnet

Origin of the name carbuncle

Carbuncles are precious minerals with a blood red glow, known since ancient times. Carbuncle are essentially varieties of garnet, a stone with a specific color palette. Jewelers so named rare garnets, rubies and spinels with thick red hues.

It is not by chance that the name "carbuncle" arose. The stone, according to one version, is named from the Latin verb, or rather, it has its root, translated as "to burn, to shine". And the pebble, indeed, shining in the sun, as if burning. And the name is also translated as "smoldering coal". The mineral in the light of sunlight changes color, becoming similar to smoldering coal.

The concept of "carbuncle" for a long time was synonymous with the term "gemstones". Currently, the concept has lost its terminological meaning, jewelers do not use it practically. However, the mineral, as before, symbolizes beauty, power and glory.

In Russia, the mineral had a special status, it was called "the lord of all precious stones". And in order to give the mineral a commercial value invented a new name for it - Bohemian or Cap ruby.


Historical information

Mystery and mysticism attracts the carbuncle. The photo and that conveys its magic. Jewelry made of it was especially loved in antiquity and the Middle Ages. There are many mythical stories associated with it, shrouded in mysticism and riddles.

Jewelry with this stone was often seen on the military and seafarers. People from this stratum sincerely believed that will protect them, taking away the hand of the enemy, and will not allow to happen shipwreck precious carbuncle - a stone that raises the owner's mood, bringing in his world of bright colors.

Those who wear jewelry with dark red crystals, have exceptional sincerity, sociability and friendliness. They are popular in any society. In difficult moments, these people always receive friendly help and support, which helps them to solve the created problems.


The healing power of the mysterious mineral

The mineral is endowed with a wide range of healing properties. Healers of the Roman Empire recommended wearing it to women carrying a baby. It was believed that jewelry with it facilitated the course of pregnancy, babies were born easily, and women in labor did not have complications.

They were worn to relieve intimate problems. They helped to get rid of impotence and frigidity. Until now, the belief that the mineral is able to eliminate infertility has not gone away. Especially successfully overcomes psoriasis carbuncle.

This stone is a kind of stimulant for the body. Thanks to him leaves fatigue and depression. With heart ailments, it is advised to wear it as a talisman. However, owners should remember that the mineral has a powerful effect. A person who does not part with talismans made of pomegranate, is made very fiery.

Blood-red stones have incredible healing power. They fight blood problems. Stones successfully relieve hypertension, stimulate blood circulation, stop bleeding. In asthma and other lung ailments, pomegranate crystals have a healing effect. Diseases, if not retreat, then their course is certainly relieved.

In the outbreak of infectious disease without thick-red garnets also can not do without. These precious stones lower the temperature, relieve headaches and get rid of a sore throat.


The energetic power of the carbuncle

Garnets are capable of awakening desires, so jewelry made of them is preferred to be purchased by lovers. They wear them as a talisman that strengthens romantic relationships, binding trembling hearts into a strong love union.

Garnet jewelry protects the constancy of feelings and fidelity - important qualities that ensure the duration of a happy relationship. However, because of the ability to awaken intimate energy jewelry with garnets is not presented to minors.

In ancient Persia, the carbuncle was considered the jewelry of kings. From the fiery red crystals skillful craftsmen carved images of rulers. It endows the owner with spiritual purity and the ability to influence the human environment.

In modern society, the garnet symbolizes family well-being. Thanks to it, families avoid many hardships, preserving the marriage. Mineral allows you to bring up good children, characterized by obedience and honoring the older generation.

Charges owners with optimism and vivacity of spirit miraculous carbuncle. The stone, having appeared in the family, instills in its atmosphere of fun and joy, wonderful relationships, idyll of well-being.

Intending to buy a carbuncle, it is worth remembering: it is ideal for those who are active. A lazy and lethargic person risks the development of nervous ailments. The best variation of a talisman made of garnet is considered beads. Suitable for this purpose and rings, where the carbuncle burns like a coal, framed in gold or silver.

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